There’s a lot more to publishing a book than writing it and slapping a cover on it.
—Vince Flynn, political thriller novelist

If only it were that easy! As any serious writer knows, though, it definitely is not. Publishing a book — whether traditionally through a publisher, or by self-publishing — involves so much more. There’s querying, editing, proofreading, design, marketing, all requiring decision-upon-decision without guarantee that your hard work will land in the hands of the people you most want to read it (no, I don’t mean your parents or best friend).

It’s a whole lotta work and worry for one person who just wants to write stories.

You can give yourself a leg up over the thousands of other writers all vying for agents, acquisition editors, and eyeballs on their story by putting the best version of your work out there. And you don’t have to do it alone. One way to get help is to hire a professional editor to read your story and work with you to highlight your storytelling strengths and improve areas of struggle.

Helping you reach your publishing goals is my number one objective. Contact me today so we can figure out what kind of help you need and how I can assist you.